An audit of hepatobiliary diseases in a tertiary level intensive care unit in Nepal

Pramesh Sunder Shrestha, Subhash Prasad Acharya, Gentle Sunder Shrestha, Diptesh Aryal, Rejin Kumar Udaya, Moda Nath Marhatta



Hepatobiliary diseases account for significant proportion of admission in our ICU, which is a semi-closed, 11 bedded mixed medical-surgical ICU.


This study was conducted to present profile of patients with various hepatobiliary diseases who required ICU admissions for various reasons.


A retrospective data collection was done from our ICU admission book records on all patients admitted with hepatobiliary problem from 1st Jan 2013 till 31st Dec 2013 for a period of one year.


Clinical Audit; Intensive care unit; Liver diseases; Mortality; Prevalence

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